September 30, 2022
Al Amin's bail in dowry case

Al Amin's bail in dowry case

Al Amin’s bail in dowry case

Cricketer Al Amin Hussain has been granted anticipatory bail by the High Court following a case filed by his wife on allegations of physical abuse for dowry.

Earlier, on Thursday (September 1), wife Israt Jahan filed a case against Al Amin. The victim, Israt Jahan, filed a case against the cricketer under two different lines, alleging dowry and women abuse.

After the case filed by the wife, the police started the process of arresting the cricketer Al Amin Hossain. However, the investigating officer of the case said that the pacer could not be found at that time. Finally, the High Court granted him anticipatory bail on Tuesday (September 6) after applying for bail on Monday (September 5).

It is known that apart from physical abuse, there are allegations of dowry demands against Al Amin. Wife Israt Jahan’s claim – this cricketer demanded 20 lakhs from her. As he did not agree to pay that money, he had to suffer physical and mental torture for a long time.

Al Amin Hossain went into hiding after receiving the news of the filing of the case. The victim and his family claim that he buried his body in his second wife’s house in Comilla.

The victim’s uncle said that he (Al Amin) once came home and shouted. He said, it is not safe to stay here. Can be arrested at any time. He left saying this. Then no more contact.

The victim and his family formed a human chain in Mirpur at 4 pm on Saturday (September 3) to bring Al Amin Hossain to justice.