March 23, 2023
Alexander Ionov case: US accuses Russian of meddling in US legislative problem

Alexander Ionov case: US accuses Russian of meddling in US legislative problem

Alexander Ionov case: US accuses Russian of meddling in US legislative problem

The US Justice Department leading likewise claims that Alexander Viktorovich Ionov, an occupant of Moscow, attempted to meddle in US decisions.

It says he ran the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGMR), a body which enrolled US political gatherings to excessive Russian state interests.

He has censured the US accusation.

The arraignment says Mr Ionov worked under the course of the Russian Federal safety Service

(FSB) and controlled tangible anonymous political gatherings in Florida, Georgia and California.

One of the Russian objectives, it pretends, was to “advance California’s severance from the United States”.

He could have to deal with a limit of five years in prison whenever viewed as shameful.

Condemning the prosecution on Facebook, Mr Ionov said: “I have never met such penniless and misdirection.

“There are no particular names of authorities, there is no proof of financing and there are no clear argument.”

He added: “The state of emergency in Ukraine has made the American authorities mad. Companions, presently you see what sort of ‘a majority rules method’ exists in the USA!”

Mr Ionov has told CNN he is presently in Russia. Similarly as with other Western imposition of senior Russian figures, he is probably going to be attempted in absentia.

Many senior Russian authorities and state-controlled organizations

including banks
are under Western approvals for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and prior addition of Ukraine’s Crimea landmass.

The US grievance expresses that from essentially December 2014 until March 2022, Mr Ionov and somewhere around three Russian authorities

“taken part in a years-in length unfamiliar censure influence crusade focusing on the United States”.

Mr Ionov blamed a few free Russian media associations, including The Bell and Meduza, and got them marked as

“unknown specialists” under Russian regulation. That name limits their exercises in Russia.

The US Treasury Department additionally declared sanctions against Mr Ionov, the AGMR and two various associations purportedly constrained by him:

the STOP-Imperialism site and Ionov Transcontinental, an organization “which has an mark in Iran, Venezuela and Lebanon”.

Sanctions  additionally forced on Natalya Valeryevna Burlinova and her Center for Support and Development of Public persuasive Creative Diplomacy (PICREADI).

The US publicity asserts that PICREADI subsidized the Russian state, in spite of professing to be autonomous.

The approvals block those funds’ resources in the US and deny exchanges with them.đź”±