June 3, 2023
increases, so does the fantasy of life

increases, so does the fantasy of life

As the age increases, so does the fantasy of life

Emotional attachment is essential to strengthen relationships.

Intercourse makes the relationship stronger not only physically but also emotionally.

Various studies have shown that women’s sexual needs are much higher than men’s.

But after a certain time such demand of women starts to decrease.

Many people prefer extravagant meetings. Sex is very important in love.

  • Both boys and girls want to spend the whole time alone during the mating season.
  • Many people have different fantasies about this.
  • Do you know exactly how many times a year you have sex that makes your marriage happy?
  • A recent study has revealed sensational data, where the calculation is completely different.
  • According to the research, after 50 years the sexual desire decreases little by little among women.
  • However, after reaching 27, women’s desire for intercourse gradually increases.
  • According to the study, it is during this time that women want to satisfy their sexual needs frequently with their partners.

And at this age they become addicted to sex

 increases, so does the fantasy of life

According to a recent study of 26,000 people,

an adult man has intercourse 54 times a year, which is about once a week on average.

On the other hand, those between the ages of 20 and 30, i.e. the younger generation, engage in sexual intercourse about 80 times a year.

  • And studies have shown that people of this generation enjoy the most marital bliss.
  • Middle-aged people have sex only 20 times.
  • Because as age increases, mental stress and marital problems affect sexual intercourse.
  • But according to experts, age cannot be a barrier in sex.
  • Experts claim that sex is more important with age.

On the other hand, the survey showed that the sexual demand is extremely high among women aged 27 to 45 years.

Most women in this age group are married.

During this time, the sexual demand towards the partner increases gradually.