June 3, 2023
College teacher lost her job for wearing a bikini

College teacher lost her job for wearing a bikini

Social media has now become a personal space for all of us. We can share our every smile happy moment or sad pain with our people through social media. But I often don’t know when that personal space meets the workplace. Just as a professor could not do.

She shared a bikini-clad picture with friends on social media. She lost her job as a teacher because of that picture.

Not the case of Uttar Pradesh or Bihar! This incident happened in Khas Kolkata! That too in places like St. Xavier’s University. When contacted, St. Xavier’s authorities declined to comment.

  • The professor alleged that she had posted a bikini-clad picture on her Instagram profile in October last year.
  • He shared the photo of himself participating in a photo shoot in his personal space.
  • That picture came to the attention of a university student. When the student told this at her home, the parents came to the university and complained against the teacher.
  • In the complaint, they mentioned,

“Uploading a bikini picture on social media is shameful and unseemly for a teacher!”

College teacher lost her job for wearing a bikini

Following the incident, St Xavier’s authorities sought a response from the professor.

The professor alleged that after this, St. Xavier’s authorities banned her from coming to the university.

The teacher who lost her job said, “There is a legal battle going on in this regard. I will say what to say on the legal stage.

Repeated calls to St. Xavier’s authorities to ascertain the truth or basis of the allegation went unanswered.

No one from the authorities wanted to open a specific mouth on this matter.

However, it is known that a legal battle has started between the teacher and St.

Xavier’s authorities over this issue.