June 3, 2023
Earth's fuel will come from the moon

Earth’s fuel will come from the moon

Space research organizations of different countries are conducting missions to the moon or other planetary satellites one after the other.

But these missions are not just to satisfy curiosity. Just as there is a desire to be politically powerful behind these campaigns, there are also economic motives.

  • One of the most talked about investment reasons for the moon  a substance called helium-3. This element  considered to be the future energy supplier of the Earth.
  • For that reason, the interest of various space research organizations on Moon and Helium-3 is now high.
  • Everyone consumed so much fossil fuel that a 2015 study found that oil reserves  depleted in 50 years, natural gas in 53 years, and coal reserves in 114 years.

Developed countries will naturally then turn to nuclear energy. It  believed that helium-3, an element found in the subsurface of the moon, could revolutionize the generation of energy through nuclear fusion.

Using only 25 tons of ‘Helium-3’, it is possible to meet the energy needs of the entire United States for a year through fusion reactions!

There are 24 lakh 69 thousand tons of Helium-3 in the soil of the Moon. If this large amount of helium-3 can used,

it is possible to meet the world’s energy needs to a large extent. But at the moment there  no technology through which this fuel brought and used. But scientists are not sitting.

Research has already started in this regard.

Meanwhile, China is far ahead in the research of this subject. They distributed the soil and rock samples from the moon to 13 institutions for research on various topics.

And the purpose of their research is to verify the feasibility of extracting helium-3 from the soil of the moon.

A major objective of India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission was also to find and study Helium-3. We will have to wait a few more years to see when the world can start using this new fuel.🔱