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England v India: first Test, day four – as it happened

2.44pm EDT 14:44

That’s all for today. Thanks for your company and emails – I’ll leave you with Ali Martin’s report. Goodnight!

2.08pm EDT 14:08

So, at the end of a delightful day’s play, India need 157 to win with nine wickets remaining. They are strongish favourites, though there is a forecast for thunderstorms tomorrow and all results are still feasible.

There was supposed to be plenty of rain today. Instead we were treated to 88.4 overs, 330 runs, 11 wickets, another five-for from the remarkable Jasprit Bumrah and a century of bittersweet brilliance from Joe Root. He may never have played better – but he is still looking down the barrel of a fifth defeat in the last six Tests.

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2.02pm EDT 14:02

Close of play
14th over: India 52-1 (target 209; Rohit 12, Pujara 12) Rohit hooks Robinson for a couple, with Curran doing extremely well to save the boundary, and then shovels a single round the corner. That gives Pujara three deliveries to survive before the close. He does that and more, picking up two boundaries with a thick edge and a classy cover drive.

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1.55pm EDT 13:55

13th over: India 40-1 (target 209; Rohit 9, Pujara 4) With the clock ticking towards 7pm, this will probably be Broad’s last over of the day. Rohit pulls a single, a controlled shot with two men out on the leg side, and then Pujara gets off the mark with a breezy clip to the midwicket boundary.

Another dramatic over ends with Pujara bat-padding Broad over short leg and just short of Bairstow, running in from leg gully. Pujara could not have bisected the fielders more perfectly had he tried.

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1.52pm EDT 13:52

12th over: India 35-1 (target 209; Rohit 8, Pujara 0) Now Pujara is beaten by consecutive jaffas from Robinson, who has such admirable control of line and length. This has been such an enjoyable day’s cricket.

1.49pm EDT 13:49

REVIEW! India 34-1 (Rohit not out 6)
Rohit survives a review for caught behind after being beaten by a cracking delivery from Ollie Robinson. A number of the England players thought it was out – but Richard Kettleborough disagreed and there was nohing on Ultra-Edge.

1.46pm EDT 13:46

11th over: India 34-1 (target 209; Rohit 6, Pujara 0) That was a beast of a delivery from Broad, which roared from a fullish length. KL Rahul was playing masterfully but he had no chance with that. The new batsman is Cheteshwar Pujara, who must – especially given his recent form – have been tempted to send out a nightwatchman.

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1.44pm EDT 13:44

WICKET! India 34-1 (Rahul c Buttler b Broad 26)
Broad changes ends to replace Anderson – and he strikes fifth ball with a magnificent delivery! It seamed and bounced extravagantly to take the edge as Rahul pushed defensively with soft hands, and Jos Buttler did the rest. That was nigh-on unplayable.

England’s Stuart Broad (centre) and teammates celebrate the dismissal of India’s KL Rahul. Photograph: Rui Vieira/AP
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1.39pm EDT 13:39

10th over: India 33-0 (target 209; Rahul 26, Rohit 6) Rohit is beaten by a grubber from Robinson that only just misses the off stump. It was a good ball rather than a poor stroke. In fact India’s batting this evening has been close to flawless – particularly from Rahul, who gets four more later in the over when he steers a short ball from Robinson to third man. India need 176 to win. And yes, since you asked, it is cowardly to pray for thunderstorms. It’s also what I’ll be doing all day tomorrow.

1.34pm EDT 13:34

9th over: India 28-0 (target 209; Rahul 22, Rohit 5) A full ball from Anderson is driven emphatically through the covers for four by Rahul, who is giving another masterclass in how to bat in English conditions. The rain, incidentally, appears to have taken a detour away from the ground.

1.30pm EDT 13:30

8th over: India 23-0 (target 209; Rahul 18, Rohit 4) Ollie Robinson replaces Stuart Broad, who bowled a slightly disappointing spell of 3-0-12-0. His first ball bursts at Rohit, hitting him on the arm (possibly via the shoulder of the bat) before landing safely on the off side. Another lifter hits Rahul on the hand, and then he gloves a short ball round the corner for a single. Excellent stuff from Robinson, who looks thoroughly unpleasant to face on pitches with a bit of extra or uneven bounce.

1.26pm EDT 13:26

7th over: India 20-0 (target 209; Rahul 17, Rohit 2) A quiet over from Anderson, who isn’t making the batsmen play as much as he would like. In other news, it’s going to pelt down any minute now. India will be thrilled if they emerge unscathed from what could have been an extremely difficult mini-session.

Those clouds look a bit menacing. Photograph: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images
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1.22pm EDT 13:22

6th over: India 19-0 (target 209; Rahul 17, Rohit 1) Rahul softens his hands to steer Broad to third man for four, and then drives classily through mid-off for another boundary. That was a gorgeous shot. These are very good bowling conditions but so far India have batted beautifully, with soft hands and clear heads.

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1.18pm EDT 13:18

5th over: India 11-0 (target 209; Rahul 9, Rohit 1) Rohit is turned round by an Anderson outswinger and gets a leading edge along the ground to point. The rest of the over is defended immaculately by Rohit, who is batting outside his crease to Anderson.

1.13pm EDT 13:13

4th over: India 11-0 (target 209; Rahul 9, Rohit 1) A quiet over from Broad, comfortably defended. There are 18 overs remaining, in theory, but play cannot go on past 7pm.

1.08pm EDT 13:08

3rd over: India 10-0 (target 209; Rahul 9, Rohit 1) The third umpire has brought the light meter on, and it is pretty dark at Trent Bridge. Rohit edges Anderson short of Burns at gully; then he’s beaten by a snorter that bursts from a length. This is a horrible time to bat – but KL Rahul is still positive enough to drive a half-volley through mid-off for four. Lovely shot.

1.04pm EDT 13:04

2nd over: India 5-0 (target 209; Rahul 5, Rohit 0) Stuart Broad shares the new ball, which I think is the right decision despite Ollie Robinson’s first-innings excellence. Broad loves situations like this, and he starts with a wobble-seam delivery that kicks from the pitch as Rahul pulls his bat inside the line.

Rahul responds with a beautifully timed push to the cover boundary and then pulls his bat away from a couple of good deliveries. There was some really sharp bounce for Broad in that over.

12.59pm EDT 12:59

1st over: India 1-0 (target 209; Rahul 1, Rohit 0) Jimmy Anderson, who last bowled a loosener sometime in the summer of 2014, starts the innings with a high-class over to KL Rahul. The third and fourth balls were beauties that straightened past the outside edge. Root thought the latter had taken the edge and ran forward in celebration, only to realise nobody else had appealed.

12.49pm EDT 12:49

That England innings was 85.5 overs of topsy-turvy Test cricket joy. There were lots of useful contributions on both sides, and two immense performances: Joe Root made a masterful, emotive 109 before becoming one of five men to fall to the devastating Jasprit Bumrah.

12.45pm EDT 12:45

WICKET! England 303 all out (Robinson c Rahane b Shami 15)
Robinson is okay to continue, at least for the next two balls. He slashes Shami high in the air towards third man, where Rahane takes a simple catch. Selfless stuff from Robinson, and that’s the end of the England innings. India need 209 to win.

12.40pm EDT 12:40

85.3 overs: England 303-9 (Robinson 15, Anderson 0) Shami spears five wides down the leg side, which brings up the England 300, and then follows Robinson with a terrific bouncer that thumps into the grille. There’s a break in play while Robinson undertakes a concussion test.

Incidentally, Kohli and Anderson had (civil) words before the hat-trick ball was bowled. The commentators on Sky think it was because Mohammed Siraj had been a little overzealous in greeting Anderson to the crease.

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12.38pm EDT 12:38

85th over: England 296-9 (Robinson 13, Anderson 0) The hat-trick ball is another full-length inswinger, but Anderson defends it solidly and all parties break into a smile. It turns out it was a no-ball because there were three fielders behind square on the leg side, so it’s a good thing he didn’t dismiss Anderson. The extra delivery is another snorther that beats the bat. Bumrah really is a preposterous bowler, possibly the best Indian quick I’ve ever seen.

Since you asked, here’s the weather forecast for tomorrow, to be read in a Jackie Aprile Sr voice.

12.33pm EDT 12:33

WICKET! England 295-9 (Broad b Bumrah 0)
Arf. Stuart Broad has gone first ball, bowled off the pad by a big inswinger. Yeah, good luck playing that. The sensational Jasprit Bumrah has another five-wicket haul, his sixth in only 21 Tests – and now he has the chance of a second hat-trick.

England batsman Stuart Broad is bowled for a duck. Photograph: Stu Forster/Getty Images
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12.29pm EDT 12:29

WICKET! England 295-8 (Curran c Siraj b Bumrah 32)
Curran, hurried by Bumrah’s zip and pace, spoons a simple catch to Siraj at mid-on. He was on the back foot and got in a very awkward position, almost like he’d been punched in the stomach. It’s the end of a useful if skittish cameo: 32 from 45 balls with four fours.

England batsman Sam Curran is caught by India bowler Mohammed Siraj for 32 runs. Photograph: Stu Forster/Getty Images
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12.25pm EDT 12:25

84th over: England 293-7 (Curran 29, Robinson 13) Robinson, who is a very good No9 even at this level, has raced to 13 from seven balls. He steered Shami for three earlier in the over and then laced a square drive to the boundary. Inbetween Curran played a mildly outrageous shot, walking miles across his stumps to ramp Shami towards fine leg. He didn’t time it properly and only managed a single, but it’s the thought that counts.

12.22pm EDT 12:22

England lead by 190. They’d love 60 more but would probably take half that. Sod it, give me a target of 200 and it’s a deal. 195?

12.21pm EDT 12:21

83rd over: England 285-7 (Curran 29, Robinson 6) Oh my. Curran is dropped off Bumrah, a very sharp chance to the diving Rahane in the gully. Curran opened the face but steered the ball a bit too close to gully. It was an extremely difficult chance, though, one-handed and low to his right. Hold the effigy.

12.17pm EDT 12:17

82nd over: England 281-7 (Curran 25, Robinson 6) Shami invites Curran to whiff some Dukes leather, ramming in successive short balls that Curran just about manages to avoid. Curran drives a single and then Robinson gets off the mark – and a pair – with a back cut for two. An eventful over ends with Robinson flicking jauntily through deep backward square leg for four.

12.13pm EDT 12:13

81st over: England 274-7 (Curran 24, Robinson 0) That was the last ball of Bumrah’s over, the first with the second new ball. It feels like a matchwinning wicket, but nobody knows anything really. England lead by 179.

12.11pm EDT 12:11

Joe Root is out for a wonderful 109. He pushed outside off stump at a fine delivery from Bumrah that bounced and moved away just enough to take the edge. Root groaned instantly, before the catch was taken by Rishabh Pant, and then walked off with his head down. Eventually he turned to raise his bat and acknowledge the standing ovation.

India’s Jasprit Bumrah celebrates with teammates as England’s captain Joe Root walks off for 109. Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images Root’s annoyed with himeelf. Photograph: Tim Goode/PA
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12.10pm EDT 12:10

WICKET! England 274-7 (Root c Pant b Bumrah 109)
The second new ball has done the trick!

12.05pm EDT 12:05

80th over: England 272-6 (Root 108, Curran 23) Root survives a desperate appeal for a bat-pad catch. India have no reviews left, so that’s the end of that. It was a good ball from Siraj, which came back sharply to hit Root on the flap of the pad. The ball looped to Kohli in the slips, who appealed for a catch rather than the LBW. Siraj, whose DRS stylings make Stuart Broad seem like a reluctant reviewer in comparison, was appealing for anything and everything. Replays showed that neither anything or everything were out: it didn’t hit the bat or glove and the ball was bouncing over the stumps.

“Hello from Trent Bridge, where Joe Root has just made an emotional charge down the wicket on scoring his century and the sun has come out as if in instant celebration,” writes Emma John. “The Fox Road stand is very, very happy, and singing in unison…”

I like the idea of the heavens responding to events below, although I’m not sure what that would mean for the ending of Magnolia.

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12.00pm EDT 12:00

79th over: England 269-6 (Root 106, Curran 22) A quiet over from Jadeja moves us a peedie bit closer to the second new ball.

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11.57am EDT 11:57

78th over: England 266-6 (Root 104, Curran 21) A distressing lack of needle between Curran and Thakur in that over. Two runs from it, which means England lead by 171.

“Now that Indian are unencumbered by having any reviews left, we should prepare for some lusty and sustained appealing,” says Brian Withington. “Loved seeing a smiling Virat Kohli cheekily ask Joe Root if he nicked one down leg side. Batting, fielding, captaining and reviewing (and appealing) he has to be the most engaged and entertaining player on the planet.”

With respect, Brian, I think you mean ‘most engaged and entertaining Test player’.

11.54am EDT 11:54

77th over: England 264-6 (Root 103, Curran 20) Jadeja replaces Thakur, who bowled a very good six-over spell that included the wickets of Lawrence and Buttler. Curran continues his dangerous counter-attack with an elegant back-foot drive for four.

“I hate to be a bore, Rob, but is the overseas TMS link available for sharing?” says Ian Copestake. “Can’t find the bugger anywhere.”

You really know how to make an old man feel special. I jest, of course; here you go mate.

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11.49am EDT 11:49

76th over: England 259-6 (Root 103, Curran 15) This Test cricket is so damn life-affirming. As if that charming Root hundred wasn’t enough, it’s now time for round two of Thakur v Curran. A loose delivery is tickled fine for four, which prompts Thakur to move round the wicket. Curran square drives a single to move to 15 from 13 balls. This guy, as Richie Benaud used to say, is a dangerous customer.

11.46am EDT 11:46

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Root celebrate a century so demonstratively. “All the emotion came pouring out,” says Mike Atherton on Sky. In the context of the match, the year and the pressure on him as both captain and batsman… I’m in awe of how well, and especially how freely, he has played.

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11.44am EDT 11:44

75th over: England 253-6 (Root 102, Curran 10) Root, on 97, cuts a short ball from Thakur this far short of the man at cover. Kohli, amused by all the recent appeals and some sarcastic DRS signals from the home crowd, smiles and signals for a review.

Root is beaten by one that keeps low – and then, finally, he times a beautiful drive through mid-on for four to move to three figures! He had both hands in the air as soon as the ball left the bat. It’s been a glorious innings – his 21st hundred in Tests, his first in England since 2018, and his greatest for at least six years, maybe ever.

England’s Joe Root celebrates his century. Photograph: Tim Goode/PA The fans show their appreciation of Root’s efforts. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters
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11.39am EDT 11:39

74th over: England 248-6 (Root 97, Curran 10) From nowhere, Curran and Siraj are going toe to toe. Siraj zips a cracking delivery past the edge, then Curran slams a cut stroke through the covers for four. Siraj rams a bouncer down the leg side and has a bit of a rant in the direction of Curran, who gives plenty back. This is terrific stuff, and is already registering 5.2 on the Atherton/Donald scale.

11.34am EDT 11:34

73rd over: England 244-6 (Root 97, Curran 6) Sam Curran drives Thakur sweetly through the covers for four. After the events of 2018, India won’t relax while Curran is at the crease. They wouldn’t say no to Root’s wicket either, and he survives a couple of appeals – one for LBW, one for a catch down the leg side – later in the over. Both were good decisions from, yep, Michael Gough. England lead by 149.

11.31am EDT 11:31

72nd over: England 239-6 (Root 97, Curran 1) Mohammed Siraj, on for Bumrah, bowled a superb over to Root. After beating the outside edge earlier in the over, he had a huge LBW appeal turned down when Root pushed outside the line of an inswinger. It looked like it also hit him outside the line of off stump – but Siraj was certain it was out and pressured Kohli into a review. Replays showed it hit Root outside the line, and that means India have no reviews left. Kohli, who had every right to be fuming, instead patted Siraj on the shoulder and told him not to worry.

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11.28am EDT 11:28

INDIA REVIEW FOR LBW AGAINST ROOT! I don’t think this will be out.

11.24am EDT 11:24

71st over: England 239-6 (Root 97, Curran 1) Root works Thakur to mid-on for a single. He needs three runs for himself, and probably another 103 for his team.

11.20am EDT 11:20

Jos Buttler has gone to the second ball after tea. He offered no stroke to a ball from Thakur that jagged back to hit the top of off stump. Buttler looks fuming as he walks off; it was a poor leave and he knew it. Buttler has all the shots in the book, and – not for the first time in his Test career – he’s been dismissed playing none of them.

England’s Jos Buttler is bowled by India’s Shardul Thakur. Photograph: Tim Goode/PA
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11.17am EDT 11:17

The players are back on the field. England lead by 140, there are 10 overs to go until the second new ball, and Test cricket is the greatest thing in the world.

11.16am EDT 11:16

“Whilst chuckling at the thought of your disturbing teletextathon in response to Bill’s paean to Tests, I am old enough to recall one or two truly turgid draws in the late 70s and early 80s whose only redeeming features at the close were Graham Gooch’s repertoire of bowler impressions,” says Brian Withington. “As well as the obligatory Bob Willis, his Chris Old, all pumping action before pulling up with a bad back pre-delivery stride, is rightly considered a classic of the genre.”

No Gooch on YouTube, alas, but you can find a few others – including these gems from Javed.

11.01am EDT 11:01

That was another compelling session: 30 overs, 116 runs, three wickets. Joe Root is four away from a century, having played one of his finest innings. He played a supporting role for much of the afternoon session, which makes sense given the aggressive approach of his fellow middle-order batters. After the dismissal of Dom Sibley, Root scored only 25 of England’s 100 runs and faced 46 out of 148 balls. It was almost the equivalent of a boxer taking a couple of rounds off to recharge for the business end of the fight. At some stage, if he stays in, he’ll need to go on the attack again.

10.57am EDT 10:57

70th over: England 235-5 (Root 96, Buttler 15) Root works Bumrah to third man, first for two and then for a single. Buttler does likewise for a couple more, and then drives the last ball of the afternoon session for another single. England lead by 140.

10.51am EDT 10:51

69th over: England 228-5 (Root 93, Buttler 12) Buttler survives a big LBW shout after offering no stroke to an inducker from Thakur. Michael Gough says no, and there’s no chance of Kohli risking the final review. Replays confirm it was too high, probably too wide as well. This isn’t news, but Michael Gough is a phenomenal umpire. If I was a captain I would be much less inclined to review his decisions.

“Ah yes. Selectadisc on Birdcage Walk,” says John Starbuck. “I bought my first Robert Johnson LP there; great days. Mind you, these times even TMS go on about the long queue for Rock City.”

10.48am EDT 10:48

68th over: England 227-5 (Root 92, Buttler 12) Buttler was a sitting duck for Bumrah in the first innings. Not this time: he is beaten outside off stump by a typical Bumrah jaffa, but then stretches to clatter the next delivery to the cover boundary.

10.45am EDT 10:45

67th over: England 222-5 (Root 91, Buttler 8) “The formula of Test cricket appears to have been finely honed so that it very rarely appears boring: rarely is a shock outcome is off the cards,” says Bill Hargreaves. “This one, as all others, has me intrigued.”

You say that, but I followed every ball of this game on Teletext. I didn’t even remember doing so until my therapist suggested hypnosis to unlock any childhood trauma.

10.41am EDT 10:41

66th over: England 221-5 (Root 90, Buttler 8) Bumrah is back, presumably with Buttler in mind. Buttler works a boundary through square leg to get off the mark, and indeed off a pair, and then lashes a square drive for four. It looks like he’s in the mood to counter-attack before the second new ball is due. England lead by 126 and, in case you hadn’t noticed, this is a helluva Test match.

“The Chaworth and Musters clan were responsible for most of the Victorian housebuilding in West Bridgford, behind Trent Bridge,” says Chris Harrison. “You can see that from other street names. They were keen hunters, hence they used Fox and Hound when they ran out of family names. So the story goes…”

I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of the fact that, when it comes to Nottingham, my specialist (and indeed only) subject is Selectadisc.

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10.34am EDT 10:34

65th over: England 211-5 (Root 90, Buttler 0) It was a bright and breezy innings from Lawrence, 25 from 30 balls, but I’m afraid it’s yet another nothing score from an England batsman. In this Test alone the top six have made scores of 18, 27, 29, 18, 28, 30 and 25. Jos Buttler is the new batter, another one who’s on a pair. England lead by 116.

10.32am EDT 10:32

WICKET! England 211-5 (Lawrence LBW b Thakur 25)
Shardul Thakur replaces Jadeja, whose figures (11-3-31-0) are more MOR than rockstar. Thakur’s first over is pretty stiff, with a no-ball and eight leg-side runs for Lawrence, but then out of nothing he gets one right on the money. It jags back off the seam to trap Lawrence plumb in front as he pushes outside the line. Lawrence goes for the review – England have three left – but replays confirm that Michael Gough has got yet another decision right. And now England have two reviews left.

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10.27am EDT 10:27

64th over: England 202-4 (Root 90, Lawrence 17) Root moves into the nineties with a single off Shami; it also takes England’s lead into three figures. If he looks in control, the same can’t yet be said of Lawrence. He is beaten by a beauty from Shami, an almost laughably good delivery, then edges the next ball short of KL Rahul in the slips. Lawrence’s response is pretty impressive: another flamingo flick to fine leg for four and a confident cover drive for three. This could be his last Test innings for a while. He’s not going to die wondering