June 3, 2023
FBI interrogation of Trump under oath

FBI interrogation of Trump under oath

FBI interrogation of Trump under oath

A New York investigative team is looking into whether lenders and tax authorities were misled by the Trump Organization’s asset valuation.

Former US President Donald Trump will testify under oath as part of a New York State civil investigation into his business dealings.

A New York investigative team is looking into whether he misled creditors and tax authorities in valuing his firm’s assets.

In a post on his social media site-Truth Social, Trump said he will meet New York Attorney General Leticia James on Wednesday.

James is investigating whether former Republican President Trump and his organization misrepresented the value of assets.

James’ office also called Trump for questioning in January.

  • FBI agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Tuesday.
  • After that, Trump’s numerous legal complications came back into the limelight.
  • In a four-minute video clip on Truth Social today, Trump single-handedly attacked current President Joe Biden and his administration.
  • He gave a glimpse of the competition in the early elections.
  • The FBI claims that Trump took some confidential information with him when he left the White House in 2021.
  • Observers say the perception that the US Department of Justice is moving toward criminal charges against the president is now clear.
  • In May of this year, a judge dismissed a Trump lawsuit to end the attorney general’s probe as politically motivated.
  • James, a Democrat, has been a vocal Trump critic. In court filings, he said his office had obtained significant evidence against Trump.
  • Trump’s company ‘misrepresented assets in order to receive numerous financial benefits, including loans, insurance coverage and taxes.
  • Therefore, legal action can be taken against the involved parties through investigation.
  • Earlier Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Ivanka were questioned. Trump’s testimony is expected to be closely watched by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The office is also investigating the Trump Organization’s business dealings

FBI interrogation of Trump under oath

The Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation has accused the Trump Organization and Finance Chief Allen Weiselberg of tax fraud.

But just when the three-year investigation seemed focused on the charges against Trump, new attorney Alvin Bragg took over (in January).

After that the pace of the investigation basically came to a standstill.

A former prosecutor in the investigation has since said Bragg believed it was too risky

to indict the former president based on the evidence they gathered.

In addition to the FBI and New York investigations, Trump is under investigation in Georgia.

Georgia is investigating whether the state’s attorney general pressured to vote after losing the 2020 election into election fraud or other crimes.

In addition, Trump is also facing a defamation lawsuit filed by former Elle magazine writer Jeanne Carroll.

Trump allegedly raped Carroll in a New York City department store in the 1990s.

In addition to state-by-state investigations, a congressional panel is looking into Trump’s role in the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill last year.