September 30, 2022
For Yash, Nusrat's friendship is the 'wine of life'.

For Yash, Nusrat's friendship is the 'wine of life'.

For Yash, Nusrat’s friendship is the ‘wine of life’.

The news of Nusrat and Yash was one of the most talked about news of last year. Love, marriage and childbirth of Nusrat Jahan and Yash Das Gupta. Then it is heard that they got married. Have fun in the world.

Besides her husband, Yash is Nusrat’s good friend. But at one time Nusrat’s good friend was actress Mimi Chakraborty. After breaking up with Nikhil Jain and getting into a relationship with Yash, the distance between Mimi and Mimi grew.

Sunday (August 7) ​​was Friendship Day. Yash-Nusrat gave time to each other on Friendship Day. Yash shared the picture on social media Instagram. In that picture, it was seen that the two are sitting on a table next to a beach with different kinds of food. Yash-Nusrat cheers looking into each other’s eyes with a glass of wine in hand.

For Yash, Nusrat's friendship is the 'wine of life'.

Along with that, Yash wrote in the caption of the picture that ‘Friendship is the wine of life’. Fans have commented in numerous comment boxes below that photo. There, Yashgupta commented from an account named Lavar that after 2-3 years, Nusrat should take good care of Yash instead of moving here and there again.

He also wrote that, ‘Yash has to listen to a lot of nonsense just because of you (Nusrat). You stay together for the rest of your life so that we don’t have to hear anything else. don’t mind I said these words because I love Yash a lot.’