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Government health care coverage is stuck in the test BD

The condition of the country’s wellbeing area is now apparent during the Covid pandemic. Treatment of coronary illness, as different medicines, is costly. In such a unique situation, it is important to present medical coverage for all residents at the drive of the public authority as a proportion of all inclusive wellbeing assurance, however this work is easing back down.

The public authority has dispatched a pilot project in an area to give all inclusive medical coverage in the country. Albeit not altogether effective, the task has had a few advantages. After that the pilot undertaking will be dispatched in Dhaka locale.

As per the pertinent sources, the public authority is considering bringing every one of the residents under this protection in stages after the assessment of whether it will be feasible to carry out health care coverage the nation over through these tasks. It might require an additional 12 years to do as such.

Al Mahmood, a partner educator in the Department of Banking and Insurance at Dhaka University, disclosed to Kaler Kanth that the issue of government-started health care coverage was not indicated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or in the country’s protection law. Laws should be established to make it successful. Also, the pilot project began five years prior, it should have been dispatched in certain parts in so many days.

Teacher Al Mahmoud added that health care coverage is required in government drives, yet it is troublesome. He added that now insurance agencies offer medical coverage at the individual level, however it is profoundly restrictive. Additionally, these approaches are hard to the point that even normal individuals don’t comprehend.

Bangladesh has the most elevated clinical costs in South Asia. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), a patient’s cash based expenses around 80% of the expense of clinical consideration in Bangladesh.

The public authority gives the rest. As indicated by an examination by the Health Economics Unit of the Ministry of Health, the treatment of a patient in an ordinary bed at the Government Corona Hospital is costing over Rs one lakh on a normal. In a private medical clinic, the expense is totally out of the patient’s pocket. On the off chance that health care coverage was presented, the clinical costs of the residents would be less.

The wellbeing framework perceived by the World Health Organization under which residents can get medical services without being liberated from monetary difficulty is called medical services for all framework. In 2012, Bangladesh marked a goal of the United Nations General Assembly on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). In September 2019, Bangladesh made a responsibility for the benefit of the UHC at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Leader Sheik Hasina told the National Assembly in 2019 that medical services for all has been taken. In the event that the pilot project is fruitful, these exercises will be extended the nation over in stages.

The Department of Health Economics of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is carrying out Universal Health Coverage. The trial program called Health Protection Program (SSK) was dispatched in 2016. The private Green Delta Insurance Company has been given the obligation of field level administration in this action.

The execution of such pilot projects is required to begin in Dhaka area in the current or one year from now.

Conversing with a few authorities of the Health Economics Unit, it was discovered that 26,641 helpless families in Kalihati, 26,231 in Ghatail and 28,445 in Madhupur have been enrolled for medical coverage under the pilot project. The public authority is paying them this protection premium. The public authority is paying a charge of Tk 1,000 for every family each year for the installment of these clinical costs, as a trade-off for which every family will get health advantages up to a limit of Tk 50,000 for each annum. The families have been given SSK cards, showing that they will look for therapy from certain clinical focuses. They will get that sort of clinical consideration. The undertaking has cost Tk 22 crore till June this year.

During the pilot time frame, every one of the costs of the task including the cash of the protection expense are being given from the advancement programs in the wellbeing, populace and sustenance improvement areas. At the point when medical coverage is presented across the country, the program will be financed through government distributions and the assortment of expenses from wealthy families.

Notwithstanding, a few authorities of the Health Economics Unit revealed to Kaler Kanth that the pilot project in Tangail was not as effective true to form. The public authority is chipping away at another proposition to present general health care coverage the nation over.

Notwithstanding, a few authorities from the Health Economics Unit disclosed to Kaler Kanth on state of namelessness that the Tangail project didn’t meet the cross country reaction.

Head of the Health Economics Unit. Md. Nurul Amin disclosed to Kaler Kanth that the pilot project in Tangail and Dhaka will proceed till 2023. Pilot exercises will be dispatched in Dhaka this year. He said, ‘The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has directed an overview on guiding in Tangail. The overview uncovered that the expense of getting medical care has descended from the patient’s pocket, yet many individuals have taken administrations from different emergency clinics as opposed to getting administrations from our clinic despite the fact that they have SSK card. Be that as it may, the expense of medical services for SSK cardholders is lower than in different areas.

Dr. Nurul Amin further said that in every one of the nations of the existence where medical coverage has been formally presented, it has required somewhere around 30 years.

Numerous authorities from the Health Economics Unit said, present medical coverage