June 3, 2023
I have repeatedly learned from mistakes

I have repeatedly learned from mistakes

I have repeatedly learned from mistakes

Earlier in the year, Bollywood actress Tapsi Pannu hit ‘Over Boundary’. The Indian Film Institute (IFI) named her the Best Actress of 2021.

The Bollywood actress won the title of Best Actress for her performance in Hasin Dilruba. The film  released on Netflix last year.

He is enjoying this success now. However, in a recent interview, he told about some mistakes of his past.

Needless to say, Tapasi is now in the midst of success. Commenting on the early days of her career,

the Bollywood actress said, “Early in my career, I was just thinking about the audience.

And I made a lot of mistakes at that time. ‘

Tapasi added, ‘I have learned from mistakes. Now I listen to my own mind.

I take the help of my own head in choosing pictures. The kind of pictures I love to look at, I just like to do that kind of work now.

  • By the grace of the superior, my decision has gone in my favor. But I still don’t consider myself an actor when it comes to film selection.
  • At this point I put myself in the audience seat. And that’s what helps me choose good pictures. “
  • The Bollywood actress said in the context of the southern film world,
  • ‘When I came to the world of Hindi cinema from the southern film world,
  • And then the people there liked me, accepted me. I became a part of that industry. Now I have learned their language. I learned how to work in the industry.

And why would I cut off my roots from a place where people love me so much. I never thought of cutting myself off from the world of Southern photography.

Every year I make a southern picture as a rule. ‘

Tapasi will soon be  in the movie Loop Lapeta. Tahir Raj Vasin  opposite him in this film directed  Akash Bhatia.

Full of romance, thriller and comedy, the film will  released on Netflix on February 4.🔱