June 3, 2023
Japan's Morimoto earns without any effort

Japan's Morimoto earns without any effort

Japan’s Morimoto earns without any effort

What Shoji Morimoto does may sound like a dream job to many. Because this young man from Japan earns money without any hard work.

Shoji’s job is to keep people company. In return, he takes 10,000 yen from each customer.

In Bangladeshi currency, the amount of which is approximately 6 thousand 665 taka. The news agency Reuters reported such shocking news. Shoji told Reuters, “I basically rent myself out.”

  • My job is to be where the customer wants to be, nothing more. Shoji has spent at least 4000 sessions doing this in the last four years.
  • But this Japanese looks very simple. However, his number of followers on social media Twitter is about two and a half lakh.
  • From there he finds the majority of customers. Many of them have hired him multiple times. One customer called 270 times to get his company.

Doing nothing does not mean that Shoji does nothing. For example, Shoji’s profession sent him to play see-saw in the park with unknown customers.He even waved goodbye to a customer at the train window.

The man wanted someone to see him off at the station.

Not that Shoji does everything. Once he refused an offer to move a fridge. He received an offer from another customer to go to Cambodia, but declined. He also does not respond to any sexual requests.

Shoji used to work in a publishing house before he came to know about his ‘special talent’. He was often scolded for not working there.

Shoji said, ‘I started thinking, what if I gave myself the power to do nothing to serve customers. From that thought, Shoji’s only source of income stands. With this income he supports his wife and children.

Although he declined to say how much he earns per day, the young Japanese man said he gets one to two customers a day.

Before the pandemic it was three to four people a day. Shoji said, ‘People think my doing nothing is valuable. Because it is useful (to others). But doing nothing is not bad. People do not have to be usable according to any specific rules