June 3, 2023
Man United players' holiday cancelled

Man United players' holiday cancelled

Man United players’ holiday cancelled

Much-hyped coach Erik ten Haag, who was brought in from Ajax, has lost both of his opening matches of the season. The first match was 2-1 to Brighton but the second match was unexpected. Manchester United lost 0-4 to Brentford last Saturday (August 13). And the day after that loss ie Sunday (August 14)

Manchester United brought back an 85-year-old shame after defeat against Brentford. The last time the West London side had won against the Red Devils was in the 1936-37 season. In addition, after the defeat in that match, United has placed at the bottom of the league table for the first time in 30 years.

After such a loss, United’s new coach has come under fire. He vented his anger in the dressing room after the match against Brentford. Then the Dutch coach also canceled the vacation of the players.

As the league matches were on Saturdays, Sunday was usually the day off for United footballers. But the loss against Brentford changed all the calculations. In the next match they will play against Liverpool. Ten Haag wants to start work without leave even if he has a week to spare.

Want to focus on extra practice

Man United players' holiday cancelled

A team that can digest four goals against a wee team like Brentford, the coach did not give the players time off for extra practice without worrying about how they would play against Liverpool. As a result, there has been anger among the players.

Meanwhile, Manchester United wants to end the contract of the best player of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo. If Ronaldo’s attitude towards United does not change, his contract will be terminated or voided. As a result, Ronaldo, one of the best footballers of all time, will become a free agent player.

CR Seven has been wanting to leave the club for a long time mainly because of Man U’s failure to qualify for the Champions League. But no one is agreeing to take him in the team. As a result, he did not travel with the team even in the pre-season. And Ronaldo is not playing his best for the club.