June 3, 2023
Nusrat's exposed cleavage in bikini

Nusrat's exposed cleavage in bikini

Nusrat’s exposed cleavage in bikini

Nusrat Jahan’s feet are covered with sand. He is traveling around Thailand with his partner Yash Dasgupta. Hotness riding bikini. And social media is going on about it. Of course, the actress doesn’t care much about that. He is busy doing photoshoots in the sand.

“Yashrat” has moved to Thailand some time ago. Actress Sansad showed another form of herself there. She has become a ‘bikini babe’ in one film after another by the sea. Don’t go too low. She has also become Ramani Mohan in an open shirt.

Recently, some pictures of Nusrat have started to be discussed again on the net. He was caught on camera eating loot in the sand on the beach. The water came and touched him. Blue bikini, open hair appeal oozes from every picture of Nusrat. In the caption, he wrote, ‘Sun and sand’. By now everyone has understood that both are very dear to Nusrat.

But trolls have an inseparable relationship with Nusrat. She was also criticized for wearing a bikini, leaving her son at home and going for a walk. Even Nusrat has been criticized many times for wearing such clothes as a public representative. But he always went with a ‘don’t care’ attitude.

Nusrat's exposed cleavage in bikini

It was heard a few days ago that Nusrat is going to get a very important project in the Hindi industry. She is going to enter the new season of Salman Khan’s upcoming Bigg Boss as a contestant. The most controversial show on Hindi television is undoubtedly Bigg Boss.

The show has been giving spicy entertainment to the audience for the past decade. In several seasons, Amjanata also competed with the stars in this show. But this is probably the first time someone from the Bengali cine industry will be seen on Big Boss.

The 16th season of Bigg Boss is coming. The level of controversy escalates every season. The audience has no end of curiosity about the upcoming season. According to sources, Nusrat was offered to be a competitor by the producers. For now, discussions are going on about the remuneration.