June 3, 2023
Russia's Gazprom Baltic has stopped supplying

Russia's Gazprom Baltic has stopped supplying

Russia’s Gazprom Baltic has stopped supplying gas to Latvia

Russia has stopped supplying gas to Latvia amid the ongoing war with Ukraine. On Saturday (July 30),

Russia’s largest gas company, Gazprom Baltic, cut off pipeline gas supplies to the country.

This Russian gas company has claimed that this measure has been taken due to violation of conditions of gas import.

British media BBC reported this information in a report on Saturday.

According to the report, this measure has been taken to stop the supply due to violation of the conditions of gas import.

However, the organization did not disclose any detailed information about the exact conditions that Latvia violated.

Latvia depends on neighboring Russia for natural gas imports. But the Baltic country’s government says it doesn’t think Gazprom’s move to cut off gas supplies will have a major impact.

Earlier this week, the European Parliament imposed sanctions on Russia. It is said that Latvia will stop buying gas from Russia from January 2023.

The European Union has imposed various sanctions on Russia after its military operation in Ukraine and is looking for a way to completely cut off gas imports from Russia.

Russia's Gazprom Baltic has stopped supplying

In reality, however, Russia is pressuring European countries to pay gas prices in Russian rubles.

After the US government and the European Union seized Russian foreign assets, Moscow has been asking European countries to pay their bills in rubles in response.

It should be noted that Europe is heavily dependent on Russia for all types of energy including oil, gas and coal.

More than 30 percent of Europe’s total gas demand comes from Russia.

The European Union began imposing economic sanctions on Russia one after the other after the start of “special military operations” by Russian forces in Ukraine at the end of last February.

An embargo was also imposed on Russian oil and coal.

Although no gas ban was imposed, EU leaders said they wanted to reduce dependence on Russian gas.