June 3, 2023

Saudi Arabia or South Africa? Ronaldo lurches over uber move

Football genius Cristiano Ronaldo made a mistake over his megabucks new arrangement on Tuesday when he appeared to say he had moved to South Africa instead of Saudi Arabia, home of his most recent club Al Nassr.

“It’s not the finish of my vocation to come to South Africa,” he told media, as he was introduced at the Riyadh club where large number of fans feted his marking for an expected €200 million.

Ronaldo, 37, who has played all his vocation in Europe, made the bumble while talking about the offers that he expressed overflowed in from around the globe after his takeoff from Manchester Joined together.

“I had many proposals in Europe, numerous in Brazil, Australia, the US, even in Portugal,” said the Portuguese forward, who showed up in the capital of oil-rich Saudi Arabia late on Monday.

New Al Nassr marking Cristiano Ronaldo talks during his show
New Al Nassr marking Cristiano Ronaldo talks during his presentationReuters
Ronaldo got an uproarious welcome at a stuffed, 25,000-limit Mrsool Park, which ejected in cheers and fireworks as he showed up in Al Nassr’s yellow and blue pack.