March 23, 2023
The groom was admitted to the hospital for fear of marriage

The groom was admitted to the hospital for fear of marriage

The groom was admitted to the hospital for fear of marriage

Many times the bride and groom find various excuses to break the marriage at the last moment even though they agree to the marriage under the pressure of the family. A seeker of that group. This young man from Telangana, India chose a novel way to break up his marriage.

Software engineer by profession. This young man living in the United States recently told his family that he will get married in a week. Accordingly, his marriage with a girl is arranged in the family. He also got engaged. The bride says that she will give her a dowry of 25 lakh rupees. Out of this, Rs. 15 lakh was paid in advance.

But on August 21, the wedding day was blocked by obstacles. Bar Anvesh suddenly said that he had slipped in the bathroom. Then he was admitted to the hospital. But the doctor examined him thoroughly and said that he was completely fine. About five hours passed like this. Later on the insistence of the bride, the real incident was revealed.

Originally, Anvesh did not agree to the marriage. That’s why he did the drama of slipping in the bathroom. On hearing this, the bride was shocked. But the intervention of another family member saved him from beating. However, it is not known why Anvesh was not agreeing to the marriage at the last moment.

In pursuit of scarcity, the actress took a job in a call center

The groom was admitted to the hospital for fear of marriage

TV actress Ekta Sharma is working in a call center due to scarcity. Originally, during the Corona period, he did not get a job in the industry and took a job in a call center to earn a living.

Ekta Sharma told Indian Express – ‘I am an educated woman. It seems better to go out and earn than to sit at home and cry. I do an honorable job; I am proud of that.’

Ekta sold her jewelery as there was no work. At first he thought everything would be fine after a year. But the reality did not match with the idea. Ekta said in this regard, ‘I had to prepare mentally to go out and work. Lived a life of luxury before; I used to eat diet food, I had spot pills to help me. Now also have to talk to angry customers. My life has changed.’

Ekta approached industry colleagues for work. But nobody helped him. Expressing gratitude to her parents, this actress who graced the TV screen once said, ‘I am grateful to my parents. Because they completed my graduation. For which I got this job.

Ekta is a familiar face from the popular Hindi TV serial. The TV serials she acted in are – ‘Daddy Samjha Karo’, ‘Kusum’, ‘Q Ki Saas Vi Kaavi Bahu Thi’, ‘Kamini Damini’ etc.