June 3, 2023
The Mexican mayor got married in a white gown

The Mexican mayor got married in a white gown

The Mexican mayor got married in a white gown

The crocodile  dressed in a white gown. A Mexican mayor married a crocodile wearing a white gown and gold ornaments.

Thousands of people from far and wide come to see the wedding.

The strange wedding ceremony  held in the Mexican province of Ozaka.

The wedding photo has already gone viral on social media.

The people of the indigenous community have arranged such marriages to keep the hundred-year-old tradition.

Moreover, they have prayed through this marriage to build human connection with nature.

The traditional wedding took place on Thursday (June 30th) in a small fishing village called

San Pedro Huamelula off the coast of Oaxaca, Reuters reported.

Although economically poor, Oaxaca, in the southern Mexican state of Mexico, is rich in indigenous culture.

Extremely strictly those who have been defending their own language and traditions.

Mayor Sosa said, “We  prayed to nature for more rain and food so that more fish can

found in the river through this marriage.”

According to the Mexican Times, there was no shortage of arrangements for the mayor’s wedding with the crocodile.

Not only this, with the help of tribal arrangements, Christian marriage rituals have also added.

And for this the bride (crocodile)  decorated on the wedding day with white gown and gold ornaments.

However, security measures  taken before the marriage begins. The mouth of the ferocious crocodile  tied with a rope.🔱