June 3, 2023
Ukraine supplies food grains to Europe

Ukraine supplies food grains to Europe

Ukraine supplies food grains to Europe

Although the export of food grains from Ukraine was allowed to deal with the pressure of global food crisis, developing countries did not benefit much. Now most of the food grains exported from Ukraine are not going to developing countries, but to European Union (EU) countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin made this comment on Wednesday.

Putin addressed the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Russia’s eastern port city of Vladivostok today. At that time, he said, a small part of the food grain exported from Ukraine is being received by the people of poor and developing countries. Most are going to EU countries.

Along with Russia, Ukraine is one of the world’s top grain exporters. After the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine last February, the export of food grains from the country was stopped. Due to the supply crisis in the world market, the price of food increased. Ukraine and Russia reached an agreement last July to resolve the crisis, mediated by the United Nations and Turkey. After that, the export of grain from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports opened up.

Vladimir Putin said that since the signing of this agreement, 80 ships with food grains have left Ukraine. He said that only two of these ships received food grains from developing countries. The rest were taken to Europe. Putin accuses European countries of ‘colonial behavior’. Developing countries are being cheated even in the midst of humanitarian crisis.

Putin called the Western sanctions imposed on Russia over the war in Ukraine a “fever”. He said, Westerners are trying to impose their behavior on other countries. This “prohibition fever” of the West is a threat to the whole world. Russia will emerge from this war with stronger sovereignty. Putin also said, “I am sure, we have lost nothing and will not lose anything.”

Putin threatened to ‘cool’ the western world by cutting off gas. He said that if prices are fixed on Russian gas and oil exports, then the supply of energy to various European countries will be stopped.

Last week, leaders of the G7 group of industrialized nations agreed to cap the export price of the country’s energy assets to prevent Russia from raising funds through fuel sales. Putin called the plan pointless. Putin said that the West is the main reason for the deterioration of public life in Europe. Because, they have caused this disaster by banning Russia.

Ukraine supplies food grains to Europe

Regarding the Ukraine war, Putin said that Russia gained from the war, not lost. Russia has embarked on a sovereign path that will re-emerge its influence on the global stage.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov complained that food grains and fertilizers cannot be sent from Russia to the world market due to the ban. He also said that Western countries are talking about global crisis. They pledged to the UN Secretary-General to lift the embargo. But so far they have done nothing to fulfill their promise.

No response has been received from the US side regarding such accusations by the Russian Foreign Minister. On the other hand, UN spokesperson Stephanie Dujarric said, “We are going through a difficult time due to Russia’s ban on food grain and fertilizer exports.” I am facing multiple problems. Work is being done to eliminate these problems.

The agreement to export food grains from Ukrainian ports will be valid for 120 days. In this regard, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasiliy Nebenzia, said yesterday, “We want the promises that were made for Russia to be implemented quickly.” We want to export food grains and fertilizers from Russia.