June 3, 2023
Why is Alia Bhatt calling herself a woman and not a parcel?

Why is Alia Bhatt calling herself a woman and not a parcel?

Why is Alia Bhatt calling herself a woman and not a parcel?

Alia Bhatt is going to be a mother within two and a half months of marriage. B-Town brawled in the news on Monday, social media.

A flood of good wishes. For which ‘future mother’ Alia thanked everyone. Sneer also flew between him.

However, unsolicited information is also circulating about the ‘pregnant’ actress.

One media outlet has claimed that Ranbir Kapoor is going to London to take his wife Alia! However, special care needed during pregnancy.

Alia Bhatt caught the news in a warlike mood.

Bhat-kanya slammed the patriarchal thinking of the society in a very convincing answer. What did you say? With Alia’s answer, Netdunia is fighting again.

Incidentally, Alia Bhatt flew to London to work on a new Hollywood series

while sharing the good news of becoming a mother.

Where he will share a screenspace with a talented actress like ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadget.

The mother is popular Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt. Since the news  announced recently, various practices have started in the Indian media.

And this actress  quite upset in some news.

Alia shared the news from a news portal on photo and video sharing site Instagram Story.

It reads: Alia will return to Mumbai from the UK in mid-July.

Ranbir Kapoor will go there to pick him up. Alia wants to rest a little after work. Everything planned that way.

However, Alia thinks that all this is patriarchal thinking. “We are still living in a patriarchal society,” he wrote. For your information, nothing is late.

No one is going to take anyone. I am a woman, not a parcel. I don’t need any rest. It is good to know that you also have a medical certificate. T

his is 2022. Can we please get rid of such old thoughts? I’m sorry, I have to go, my shot is ready. ‘

After a long love affair, Alia married actor Ranbir Kapoor on April 14 this year.

Then on Monday (June 26) the actress announced that she was pregnant.🔱