March 23, 2023
Widows' mass layoffs

Widows' mass layoffs

Widows’ mass layoffs

One of the country’s IT companies Widevs laid off 30 employees on the same day.

Employee complaints The company has been laying off employees step by step for the past few months.

It is known that Widevs expanded its business with multiple products and services and hired employees during the Corona virus.

They employ more than 100 workers. According to internal sources, during the crisis of the institution, two of the leaders left Bangladesh and started staying in Turkey.

Along with frustration among employees, there were rumors that the entrepreneur might not take the initiative needed to save the ailing company.

Meanwhile, on the last day of July, 30 workers were laid off simultaneously. Earlier, a former employee of the company informed about the dire situation of the company.

Experts in the information technology sector, however, say there is no reason to panic over what happened in the case of Widevs.

It would be a mistake to try to portray it as a disaster in the IT sector. At Widevs, this incident is not a reflection of the industry.

It is lack of entrepreneurial interest and institutional failure.

This incident does not bode ill for the IT industry in Bangladesh, but caution is warranted

Widows' mass layoffs

There was no official statement from Widavs.

Those concerned in the information technology sector fear that sudden layoffs from such successful companies may have a negative impact on the startup sector.

IT skilled workers will not want to join startups if they get a negative message.

Branding of the country will be bad.

A number of entrepreneurs associated with information technology initiatives,

without disclosing their names, said that the picture of information technology in the country is different now.

Various opportunities and skilled workers are available in the country. But some entrepreneurs of the country are abroad.

Even if they get success in the country, they forget it and start showing success abroad. Leaving the country and moving abroad.